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Carving, Handle, O50.012

Physical Description

Paepae/latrine handle. Koruru style head with serrated paua shell eyes and flared tongue on one end of the handle. At other end a smaller koruru sites at a right angle with the handle forming a body extending to the base of other head.Front of body has notching pattern fully covering front and sides but back clean. The smaller head also has serrated paua shell eye and tongue extruding over lower jaw and topknot in centre of forehead.

Research Notes

Catalogue card:
Wooden perch. Carved with human face at on [sic] end with inlaid paua shell eyes. Human face at other end also, on top surface. Bar between decorated with ridges and series of rectangles between. Grooved on each side of bar with two square perforations at ends
Oldman Coll. 635
On display - Moko etc P/C


From the collection of: William Oldman


Maximum dimensions (H x W x D): 50 x 235 x 60mm

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