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Hei Tiki, L92.43

Physical Description

Pounamu/nephrite Hei Tiki, inanga variety, grey green with brownish stain on upper part of the head which is bent to the right. Ovoid head with deep eyes (crack on left eyebrow) and rectangular body shspe. Tongue clearly indicated on left side of mouth. Three fingered hands rest on thighs and leg separation noted on botton edge of legs.

Research Notes

Feather Fractures —Russell Beck
High transperancy
—Maika Mason
Catalogue card:

Nefrite [sic] - grey-green with a brownish stain on the upper part of the head which is bent to the left; oblong head with deep eyes (crack on the left eyebrow) and tongue clearly indicated on the left side of the mouth; the curves for the arms and the jointing legs under the body are very soft; hands resting on the tights [sic]; Back with profund scarfs which edges are quite angulous [sic]; hole on the top of the head.
Later entry:
Search of records completed for above number. Not found in Loans Books, Murdering Beach or Stone Amulets files. Decision made to remumber 'registering' in loans book as old stock. - possibly from Auckland Museum.




Maximum dimensions (H x W x D): 82 x 67mm

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