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Vase, F93.124

Physical Description

Hand-moulded earthenware vase/bottle. Body has an irregular pyramid shape. Wide, elongated neck (circular) attached separately. A lug on either shoulder of the body, attached at the base of the neck. Vertical row of triangular serrations below the lugs, on either side of the body. Surface has rough/matte texture. Glaze predominantly but not uniformly blue. Speckled with green, white and pale pink. Towards the top of the neck the colour gradually darkens. Random squares of pale yellow scattered on body. Interior of bottle/vase glazed in similar yellow as the squares. Near the rim of the neck are three or four bands of indented uneven white dots, merging at one point. Similar dots are found along base of neck. The triangular serrations are also outlined with single row of dots. "Royce" is handwritten on the base in black.


Price $350. Purchased with C. Nicholl's Fund, was exhibited at the Cleveland Art Awards


Maker: Royce McGlashan


Maximum dimensions (H x W x D): 300 x 280 x 10mm

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