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Vase, F83.45

Physical Description

The base has a turned body gradually which flares out to a bulging top section. The top curves in slightly, then flares out to a thick round rim. Throwing rings provide texture up the length of the vase. Potters mark on the base. The glaze is a dark brown Tenmoku with a red/brown slip line around the base. There are red slip designs around the shoulder of the pot (large and small brush strokes). The neck and rim are also red. Inside of the pot is a black Tenmoku glaze.


Received from Dr Esmond de Beer
From collection of Mary & Miss Dora de Beer
Purchasing price $25


Maker: Vivienne Nimmo


Maximum dimensions (H x W x D): 170 x 170 x 170mm
Circumference: 530mm

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