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Shrine, Religious, F82.84

Physical Description

Personal or travelling shrine to Fudo, of the esoteric Buddhist pantheon. Usually shown with sword in right hand (missing) and rope in left hand (of metal foil). A well-nourished figure, with eyes bulging, ears elongated and a fierce scowl. Hair style unusual in that there is no lock of hair hanging over the left shoulder, just a flame-style hairdo. Wearing a short robe, standing on an immovable rock. With a flaming aureole of copper foil and halo broken at the shoulder. Red paint on mouth. Figure carved of sandalwood, blackened by soot. No older than 16th century. Case cylindrical, one end domed with double doors on ornamented hinges. Black-lacquered lightweight wood with gold leaf on the interior (attempts to brush this up with bronze powder visible). Label on the back with dealer's name and number in Japanese script.



Maximum dimensions (H x W x D): 119 x 59 x 38mm

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