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Bottle, F69.12

Physical Description

Stoneware, slab built bottle. Square flat base with bevelled edge. Has four, tall vertical walls. Corners of the walls have been bevelled. Top section is bought inwards by four smaller slabs. The neck has been squared and the rim is also square and has a bevelled edge. Glaze is a grey matt dolomite. Has intense iron speckling. Browner near the base due to thinness of application. Iron slip applied to the neck area. Has splashes of intense red and darker areas of brown. Iron bleeds down onto the base section.


Purchased from 12th Annual Exhibition New Zealand Studio Potters
Purchased by Friends towards long service of, on his departure for Peter Gathercole
Presented by the Association of Friends, to mark the long service of Prof. P. Gathecole, on his departure for Oxford. Purchased from the 12th Annual Exhibition, N.Z. Society Potters, held in the Museum.


Maker: B.J. Martin


Maximum dimensions (H x W x D): 270 x 110 x 110mm

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