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Cup & Saucer, Cup, Mustache, Cup, Commemorative, F59.28

Physical Description

Moustache cup and saucer which commemorates Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee. The main feature of the cup is a symmetrical design in which a profile drawing of Queen Victoria bordered with foliage. On either side are ribbon banners reading "1837-T" " 1897". Under each number is a scene of London on the left and Windsor on the right. The initials "VR" are illustrated in the centre below the depiction of Queen Victoria, likely standing for Victoria Regina (Regina translating to Queen in Latin). Below the initials reads "GOD SAVE OUR QUEEN" on a banner. Floral and foliage motifs are integrated into the design as well as the British Royal coat of arms. The image has an illustrative quality to it. Images of roses, thistles and a cluster of four leaf clovers is also featured around the cup. The cup also has a semi-circular ledge inside which serves as a moustache guard for keeping moustaches dry. The three images of flowers/foliage plus the main symmetrical design are repeated on the plate in a clockwise structure. The rims of cup and saucer are highlighted with gold.


Maximum dimensions (H x W x D) (a - Cup): 80 x 115 x 115mm
Maximum dimensions (H x W x D) (b - Saucer): 30 x 160 x 160mm

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