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Mask, D92.23

Physical Description

Face with three eyes (one in centre of forehead). Large bushy eyebrows above the two lower eyes are painted in gold. Snarling mouth shows white teeth and pink tongue. Nose is pink with red dots on it. Long thin fringe beard extends around side of lower half of the face. There are also small bits of beard to the sides of and beneath the mouth (painted gold). The head of this spirit is helmeted. Helmet is gold in colour with multicoloured lower rim. A white human skull adorns the front of this helmet. A flower-like decoration (white) is beneath the skull. Blue flowers near or for ears. Long golden hair hangs down on either side of face. Blue and green strips apparently tie this hair into bunches. Interior of mask has a piece of board lodged horizontally 2/3 of the way up the interior. Pieces of string and wire are tired to this for hanging. Perforations in mask are evident where nose and mouth are.


Item was previously on loan to: Otago Museum


Maximum dimensions (H x W x D): 245 x 410 x 520mm

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