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Musical T&E, Harp, D88.195

Physical Description

Rectangular construction of 13 narrow round shafts of bamboo-like material laid side by side and tied individually at each end by plant fibre to a narrow hollow twig (running at right angles to the shafts) forming the general appearance of a small raft. Shafts are still filled with original pith of plant. The two hollow twigs (one at each end) are on the 'bottom'/underside of the instrument. The tying fibre is of reddish colour. Splashes of reddish brown dye/paint have been applied to the area around the fibre on the top side of the instrument. A narrow surface section of the top side of each shaft has been 'pried/cut' loose from the main body extending to the tying fibre at either end of the shaft and remaining attached to the shaft. A single narrow hollow twig has been inserted under this prised section of each shaft - at right angles to the shafts across the entire width of the instrument -one twig at either end of the instrument. The instrument produces a 'thrumming' sound when these prised sections are plucked. The instrument was likely played held in one hand and strummed by the fingers of the other hand - or by use of a 'pick' - or by pulling the instrument over the outstretched fingers of the opposite hand. The instrument appears unused and in good condition.




Maximum dimensions (H x W x D): 284 x 184 x 25mm

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