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Hei Tiki, D78.130

Physical Description

Nephrite/pounamu, olive green and black streaks, low translucency, Westland source. Low temperature heated and reground after heating. Saw scarf on back of head to start perforation. Perforated obliquely through back and top, perforation invisible from front. Head pointed in the Taranaki style and to the left. Hands on thighs, with three fingers. Lower portion of legs broken off. Ribs depicted on chest and chevron on forehead. Protruding tongue. Saw-marks/scarf visible on left side. Sides of body and left side of head relatively straight. Nose winged. Knobs on elbows. Eyebrows indicated.


Locality, excavated at site of freezing works
Presented in memory of Dr H. D. Skinner


Length: 130mm

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