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Plough, Oxen, Yoke, Animal, D65.922

Physical Description

A plough and yoke. Yoke is carved wood, with a notch in the middle and knobs on each end. Plough consists of a long curved shaft with a knob at the handle end. Handle is attached to a shaft which narrows and curves at one end, and has a rectangular carved tab at the other end. This tab inserts into a plough head with a metal cutting blade.

Research Notes

Pieces are more Lao than Thai —Don Bayard


Collected by: Dr Christopher Kirk


Maximum dimensions (H x W x D): 1300 x 1250 x 575mm
Maximum dimensions (H x W x D) (a - Yoke): 80 x 575 x 30mm
Maximum dimensions (H x W x D) (b - Shaft): 1700 x 70 x 1200mm
Maximum dimensions (H x W x D) (c - Head): 285 x 360 x 180mm

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