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Container, Lime, Gourd, D65.459

Physical Description

Small round gourd, mid brown in colour. Gourd has an adorned cork, covered in a fabric which is decorated with a geometric triangular pattern. The cork has a pig tusk (?) protruding from the top. The tip of the tusk is connected to the top edge of the cork via two yellow and green beaded strings. The tip of the tusk also has two hanging strings of beaded decoration which have circular, flat red beads followed by one green bead, a round black bead and a flat oval shaped shell. Only one of these two strings has a green bead. There are two beaded strings attached to the base of the cork that are comprised of red circular flat beads (slightly larger to those attached to the tip of the pig tusk) one round red or green bead and an oval shaped piece of shell. Another similar beaded string is attached to the top rim of the cork without a round bead at the end.


Locality, Quartz Mountain


Maximum Height: 190mm

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