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Hei Tiki, Fake, D57.85

Physical Description

Takiwai pounamu/nephrite. Head turned to right. both hands on thighs with three fingers. Large hole drille right of centre by eye. Sealing wax evident in eyes. Relief around mouth, nose and eyes light and polished on both sides. Drilled through at arms and feet.

Research Notes

Registered as fake in donor cards —Frances Teal
Catalogue card:

Tiki - fake
bowenite, wax -red - inlaid eyes. From estate Mrs A.I. Cooper see correspondence file. 1957 - G
"The Curator for the time being of the Otago Museum, Dunedin, New Zealand I give five Maori tikis and four Maori Ear and my father's gold watch upon the condition that the same shall be displayed permanently in the said museum with a card stating that they are "presented by the daughter of Henry Fancourt late of Dunedin" and I hereby declare that a statement signed by the said Curator certifying that he will give effect to this condition shall be accepted by the Company which shall be under no further obligation to see that the terms of the request are complied with".


Bequeathed on her fathers behalf Henry Fancourt


Maximum dimensions (H x W x D): 65 x 43 x 4mm

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