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Harness, Casting, D43.647

Physical Description

Handle made of tine of antler (elk horn - label). Basically elongated cone shaped with one side 'shaved' to base. Base (distal end) flat, notched around perimeter. Large perforation with 2 strips of leather. Held in place with nail on either side, approx 5cm from base. Remanants of red wool binding upper 6cm whip with beading (blue, pink, green) bound around upper 14cm. 14cm from proximal end, perforation through handle, threaded with paper thin suede (2 loops). Above this 3 perforations filled with lead. Shaped side filled with many small nails and one screw.


Sargood Collection
Found by Old


Maximum dimensions (H x W x D): 1100 x 84 x 40mm

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