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Toggle, D40.539

Physical Description

Bowenite/tangiwai pendant, fish form with 7 serrations along top edge Right side & bottom edge squared, left side rounded
[Flattened oval] in cross section. Cracked on both sides and ground towards outside perimeter on both sides.
Perforation drilled from both sides, situated on left side of serrations Joined to toggle by 3 ply rope.

Toggle - light green nephrite, tahutahi variety, triangular in shape. believe source to be Cascade plateau area.
Crudely made side edges polished uneven thicknesses chipped & cracked. Perforated in centre (both sides drilled)

Research Notes

Feather Fractures —Russell Beck
High transparency


Found by Guy Merrell


Maximum dimensions (H x W x D): 73 x 38 x 8mm

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