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Hei Tiki, D28.43

Physical Description

Hei tiki/nephrite/kawakawa variety. Three toes on feet and three fingered hands on hips, head turned to the right, womans genetals indicated. No sealing wax in eyes. Two suspension holes - one on cheek broken out and the other above eye worn out, both drilled from both sides. Left leg broken at knee and toe repaired. Lower part heat treated.

Research Notes

Feather Fractures —Russell Beck
Low transperancy
Broken and repaired. Heated at bottom. Suspension hole broken out and one worn out.
Low temperature heated
—Maika Mason
Catalogue card:
Dark greenstone
Three toes are shown
The Greenstone is of a brownish colour
Five Pounds paid for this together with number of adzes.
Later entry:
Fig 18 Hei tiki




Maximum dimensions (H x W x D): 85 x 53 x 10mm

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