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Adze Haft, Fake, D25.728

Physical Description

Haft end consists of a human figure with adze housing sited between rear of legs. Koru designs on shoulders and kumu with running koru design on arms and legs. Manaia eyes and forehead runs down ridge to base of hafting point.Two roughly hewn holes sit parallel on bottom of haft housing. Human figure is holding fish (??) in three fingered hands and in mouth.Human figure, fish and manaia have paua shell eyes. Handle is carved on bottom and top with a double groove and diamond pattern running from manaia toa handle with koruru style carved head with paua shell eyes. Sides of handle have central diamond pattern which radiates outwardly to ends of handle. Paua shell is missing from eye behind bottom finger (holding fish). Harakeke string runs around point of hafting with adze supposedly missing.




Maximum dimensions (H x W x D): 67 x 290 x 175mm

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