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Model, Pot, Container, D22.331

Physical Description

Miniature set of Mexican pots comprised of seven items (eight including the large pots lid). Dark orange and brown in colour.




Maximum Height (a - Large Pot): 11mm
Maximum Width (a - Large Pot): 14mm
Maximum Height (b - Large Pot Lid): 6mm
Maximum Width (b - Large Pot Lid): 8mm
Maximum Height (c - Jug): 11mm
Maximum Width (c - Jug): 13mm
Maximum Height (d - Vase): 14mm
Maximum Width (d - Vase): 5mm
Maximum Height (e - Two handled container): 5mm
Maximum Width (e - Two handled container): 10mm
Maximum Height (f - One handled container): 2mm
Maximum Width (f - One handled container): 9mm
Maximum Height (g - Small jug): 4mm
Maximum Width (g - Small jug): 3mm
Maximum Height (h - Small jug): 3mm
Maximum Width (h - Small jug): 3mm

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