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Adze Haft, D21.223

Physical Description

Handle round in section. Toki mounted on platform with wheku style head beneath and human figure with protruding tongue with manaia extending to and biting mouth of figure. Paua shell eyes.Toki hafted with yellow nylon string. Proximal end of handle has wheku style head.

Research Notes

Register entry : "May 23 Carved adze - handle ?E.Coast Purchased W.F. Denton, Pound 5. See Maori Art Pl. 35, Fig.1."
Catalogue card:
LOCALITY - North Island. [Later entry: ?East Coast]
TYPE. Carved handle for a stone adze.
Fels Fund
VIDE Maori Art; Hamilton
Plate XXXV Fig.1.
The N.Z. Journal of Science and Technology.
Vol IX No.1 Page 38.
Later entry:
Comp Speaking p149-150 fig 11.6.
hole at distal end, below carving, which is not decorated.
carving at adze end, is decorated in curvilinear style.
paua shell inlay eye, on anthropomorphic head, and also on birds eye, beak joins up with anthropomorphic tongue
pched W.F Denton £5.
to store 5/86
Catalogue card:
Wooden handle for toki poutangata. Circular in section, slightly curved in profile. Knobbed on proximal end and carved with human face. Perforated - circular hole, straight sided - below knob. Lashing end has flat platform on distal edge with carving below (i.e.. internal side) of face with extended tongue - tongue is grooved with curvilinear design. External projection at distal end and elaborately carved in form of human figure. Elongated, looped (pierced) tongue, surface decorated with spirals, ridges and dots. Paua inset eyes. Nephrite toki blade (D33.88) attached with line for display purposes




Maximum dimensions (H x W x D): 497 x 58mm

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