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Sledge, D16.46

Physical Description

The sledge is primarily of timber construction and was used to haul equipment across snow and ice on a parallel set of runners. These are attached to a rectangular upper rail via angular supports. The runners are lashed onto the supports with leather thonging which passes through holes in the runners and supports. Five crossbars, 575mm apart, form the platform, to carry equipment and are supported underneath with metal brackets. A leather cover is sown around the upper rail where the supports meet the crossbars. Sledge runners curve upwards at each end. At one end, angled supports follow the runner curve up and are joined to the runner at the end and behind the first angular support. In five places along the upper rail a short leather strap is looped around and joined together with three metal studs.


From the expedition of Captain Robert Scott


Maximum dimensions (H x W x D): 200 x 3665 x 540mm

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