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James Cameron – Challenging the Deep

Adult $17.50, Concession $14, Child $9.50, Family $45

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Special Exhibition

James Cameron is not only one of cinema’s most celebrated and successful film-makers, he is also a deep-sea explorer, innovator, and environmentalist.

James Cameron – Challenging the Deep takes you to an underworld; an eerie, mysterious abyss where the only light comes from flashes of bioluminescent creatures, and you can join Cameron as he explores the most isolated places on earth.

Beautiful moving images, the science and technology of deep ocean exploration, hand-drawn sketches, and personal belongings illustrate the passions of this remarkable man with an explorer’s soul. In the stillness of the deep, watch footage from Cameron’s three expeditions to Titanic in its underwater grave, surrounded by miniatures, props, and costumes from the movie that brought it back to life for millions around the world, and share his melancholy for the loss.

Climb inside a pilot sphere and experience the isolation of Cameron’s record-making dive in his DEEPSEA CHALLENGER to the bottom of the Mariana Trench. See the deep-sea specimens he collected there under a microscope, watch rusticles grow, and be intrigued by the effect water pressure has on a polystyrene cup.

Emerge into the light-filled, outside world inspired by the marvels and mysteries of the unexplored ocean, and for one man’s capacity for curiosity and daring, undeterred by the fragility of life.

Open until 9 February 2020

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