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Book, L2012.1

Physical Description

Small book of goat skin pages bound by string between 2 wooden covers.According to notes accompanying Solomon's material, the test is in ge'ez, the ancient church language. Written on wooden cover = "Prayer of St. Mary" (in Ge'ez)
Illustrations at front: 1. geometric design 2. Yared the outstanding singer - the book is in praise of Yared. 3. Atse Gebre Maskal - an old Ethiopian king. 4. St. Mary with Christ and the 2 angels.
Middle 5. Man praying to God g. Holy Spirit
End 7. St George killing the dragon 8. The boy he saved, in a tree. 9. Tree/Palm 10. Country gentleman being blessed by a priest 11. decoration 12. Family coming from Church - nb. tella container (beer). 13. decoration.
The text is written in black ink - symbols written in red are holy words - eg. Matthew, Mary.


Per: Mrs M Ross

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