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Our Climate: Pop Up


The July school holidays are underway, and the museum is bursting with energy as we launch a packed new programme of activities! We kicked off the Our Changing Climate pop-up science stand last week, and we’ve had lots of wonderful visitors come by each day and get involved.

Our pop-up exhibit is geared up to answer any questions you have about our changing climate. How do we know that the climate is changing, and why is this different to changes in the past? What changes are we seeing now, and what can we expect over our lifetimes? What are the impacts in New Zealand, and how will these affect us? Most importantly, what can we do about this? What are the solutions?

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Image: Science communicators in our Climate pop-up © Otago Museum

We’ve got heaps of fun experiments to demonstrate how our world is changing, and why this matters. Come along to create ocean currents in a jar, then test what happens to them as ice sheets melt. Look through a microscope at some funky micro-fossils and see how they record climate from the past. Share a bright idea, or make a personal pledge to help reduce your carbon footprint, and be in to win a free pass to Tūhura Otago Community Trust Science Centre for an adult and child each week of the holidays!

There are more opportunities than ever before to have a voice about climate change, and to influence decisions that will shape the future of our planet. This year in New Zealand, action on climate change is really stepping up a notch! Dunedin declared a climate emergency at the end of June, and the government will be bringing in a bill in 2019 to reduce greenhouse gases to net-zero by 2050. Individuals and organisations are all invited to help shape these laws by making a submission to the government, so we can all have our say! There are loads of other ways to make a difference too. You could join volunteer groups to restore native forest and lock carbon away as new trees grow. Try tracking your carbon footprint, and see if you can reduce it. Talk, debate, demonstrate, vote, and be active and involved in creating a sustainable future. Together, we have immense power to transform!

Our Changing Climate pop-up is on until Sunday, 21 July; so come down soon and get inspired!



Top Image: Suggestions from visitors on climate change action  © Otago Museum